Originally trained as an interior designer and currently director of Square One Studios in Alexandria, NOT is a self-taught artist more recently immersed in ceramics as a member of claypool, and with training in handbuilding from Cath Fogarty, wheel-throwing and slipcasting from Deb Taylor, and fine porcelain-making from Cherie Peyton. NOT’s work was included in the claypool group show at Damien Minton Gallery in December 2013, and in the contemporary porcelain show at Kerrie Lowe Gallery in July 2014.

藝術家 “不” 是室內設計師出身,目前在亞歷山德亞(Alexandria)原點工作室 (Square One Studios) 擔任經理。“不” 以自學藝術出身,最近則沈浸於專研陶藝並且為黏土池(claypool)陶藝學會的會員。“不” 承受了藝術家凱西﹒佛迦地(Cath Fogarty)指導手工陶藝,黛柏﹒泰勒 (Deb Taylor)指導手拉胚和注漿成型法,以及雪莉﹒培頓(Cherie Peyton)指導製作瓷器。“不” 的陶瓷藝術作品分別參展於2013年12月黏土池(claypool)陶藝學會於戴米恩﹒明頓 (Damien Minton Gallery)藝廊的團展,以及2014年7月於凱莉﹒勞威藝廊 (Kerrie Lowe Gallery)的當代瓷器展。

NOT would like to thank Lynda Draper, the staff and students, and residing artists at Gymea TAFE for their support, opportunity and encouragement which led to being included in the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery show 'Glazed & Confused' (2014).

“不” 對於玲達﹒德瑞普(Lynda Draper),以及吉梅亞職業技術和永續教育學院(Gymea TAFE)的所有工作人員,學生和駐站藝術家們長久以來的支持,以及給予在2014年於黑茲爾赫斯特區域畫廊和美術中心團體展覽 “Glazed & Confused” 機會和鼓勵表示感謝。

NOT regularly exhibits at Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Newton, and has featured in group shows at Home@735 Gallery (2014), 'In Residence: Artists from Square One Studios' at Danks Street Depot Gallery (2016) and 'SQ1@ARO' at ARO (2016).

“不” 定期在新城的凱莉﹒勞威藝廊 (Kerrie Lowe Gallery)展出,並且在2014年於Home@735藝廊( Home@735 Gallery)舉行團展,2016年原點工作室藝術家駐站展於丹可斯街倉庫畫廊,以及同年展覽原點工作室藝術家駐站ARO藝廊。